March 23, 2020

Many of you have asked us questions about the continuity of our operations during the Covid-19 epidemic. We are pleased to confirm that we remain operational and ready to meet the needs of our customers.

At our facility, we have taken health and hygiene measures in accordance with – and beyond – current regulations and guidelines. We do our utmost to provide the same level of service as before the pandemic and to avoid potential delays. To this end, we work closely with our suppliers.

We are available by email and telephone. We are all available to answer any questions or to contact you.

Physical meetings are limited as much as possible. Many have recently taken much-needed preventive health measures regarding the Covid-19 epidemic. Our thoughts go out to our customers, partners and all companies in the industrial sector in this unprecedented difficult time. We hope that your families, loved ones and colleagues will survive this epidemic unharmed and we wish all people who already have health problems a speedy recovery.


VIOD has become part of the Alcomex Group.

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To the employees, customers and suppliers of VIOD
On October the 18th 2019 an important transfer took place. VIOD Verenfabriek B.V. has become part of the Alcomex Group.

We will remain Managing Directors of VIOD Verenfabriek B.V.. We are very pleased that VIOD Verenfabriek B.V. will strengthen the Alcomex Group.

VIOD will continue as an independent company within the Alcomex Group, and we are convinced it has a bright future with its present organization, location and name.

That a transfer in the coming years would take place at VIOD was more or less obvious after respectively 37 years and 20 years building VIOD into what it is today. Because we have no natural successor in our families we want to transfer our responsibilities timely in order to securer further expansion and internationalization of VIOD.

It has been our preference that VIOD would be taken over by an internationally operating Dutch company which is complementary to VIOD, creating a strong combination with added value and security for employees, customers and suppliers.The combination of Alcomex and VIOD is strong because both companies complement each other very well, both in terms of technical and production knowledge as well as the product-market combinations in which they are active. The Alcomex Group is internationally active with sales and distribution centers in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

We have known Merss. Conrad Hietink and Jelle van Vliet for some time now and we are convinced that they will fruitfully lead VIOD together with us, with respect for all relationships and everything that has been realized to date.

We ourselves we will remain actively involved with VIOD in the coming years as to ensure a smooth and thorough transition and to further expand VIOD together.

Although this is not a farewell letter, we would like to express a word of thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of VIOD. We stress to mention that the success of VIOD has been built thanks to the effort and help of its employees, customers, suppliers and other business relations. In addition, We would like to thank everyone again for their commitment.

With confidence we look forward to a continuous successful collaboration with all our stakeholders and with Alcomex. You can find more information about Alcomex on

Ben van Nieuwkerk en Barrie Goenee