Torsion springs

torsion springsSprings are indispensable in most industries. It is therefore not surprising that you encounter them everywhere. Whether it concerns machines, cars, skates or aircraft, they can not do without the right springs. At VIOD we are specialized in the manufacture of various springs. So whether you need torsion springs, compression springs or coil springs, we have them for you.

Torsion springs

A torsion spring is also called a revolving spring. The spring works as follows: the more the spring is rotated about its longitudinal axis (the torsion), the greater the counter-acting moment. Torsion springs are widely used in the automotive industry. VIOD has at its disposal advanced and modern machines, with which we can manufacture standard torsion springs as well as customized torsion springs

Solution-oriented attitude

At VIOD we provide solid customized solutions for various applications. In short: you have come to the right place for all your spring-related problems. This is how we think with pleasure about the use and life of your torsion springs.

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