Stamp spring

Are you looking for high-quality compression springs that can withstand high loads and also have a long life? Then the stamp springs of VIOD are very suitable. Because of the ability to withstand great blows, for example in confined spaces, stamp springs are often used for special applications.

Very extensive program

VIOD is one of the largest feathers producers in our country. In addition to producing springs, we are engaged in the development and testing of a wide and unique range of springs. You can contact us for the following springs:

  • Stamp springs
  • Pressure springs
  • Tension springs
  • Borgveren
  • Torsion springs
  • Wire springs
  • Leaf springs

Request additional information about the stamp springs

Are you wondering which stamp springs are most suitable for you? Or do you have another question regarding (the operation of) the stamp springs? Please leave us a message via the contactform. Do you have an urgent question and would you rather speak directly to one of our employees? Then you can also contact us at the telephone number 0346-262550. Our helpful employees are happy to help you.

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