Spring system

Do you want to adjust, repair, replace or tune your suspension system? VIOD supplies you with all necessary parts. In the past decades we have taken a leading position in both the Netherlands and abroad. Thanks to these years of experience, we can rightly say that we are the specialist in the Netherlands.

What do we do?

VIOD focuses on the development, production and testing of a broad and unique feather program. So whatever kind of spring system you have in mind, we can help you. With our advanced and modern machines we are able to deliver an extremely high-quality spring system that will fully meet your needs.

Your wishes are central

Because small differences can already lead to different behavior in a spring system, VIOD is happy to work with tailor-made solutions. If you have special wishes or requirements with regard to your suspension system, this is not a problem for us.

Are you interested in a suspension system from VIOD but do you want to know more about the possibilities first? Please leave us a message via the contactform. Mailing is also allowed: info@viodveren.nl.

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