Spring steel

Are you looking for reliable springs that are praised for their high yield strength? Then spring steel might be the solution. The fine spring steel is that the material can withstand large deformations without deforming plastically. Thanks to this great hardness, spring steel offers a good resistance to wear.

Customer-specific solutions

Spring steel is often used in the automotive industry. Are you curious if spring steel is the solution for your needs? You can always call on the expertise of VIOD. For over 60 years we are known both at home and abroad as the spring specialist. And thanks to our customer-specific approach you are assured that the spring steel will meet all your wishes and requirements.

Fully equipped

VIOD has computer-controlled fully automatic and semi-automatic machines, ranging from spring winders to grinding machines and shot blasting installations. This allows us to make any desired spring for you (customized).

Would you like additional information about our program or do you doubt whether spring steel is the right choice for you? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

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