Heavy springs

Heavy springs of the very best quality. At VIOD we have them for you in house and we make them to measure. We have been a specialist in various types of springs for more than 60 years. From buffer bars to motor springs and from industrial springs to car swings.

Expert customization

From rolled strip steel we construct your customized buffer bars in our modern factory. The springs have a progressive spring constant because they are loaded in the axial direction. The spring constant increases in size as the impression becomes larger. At VIOD you are always assured of compression springs that meet high quality standards and meet all your requirements.

You order customized heavy springs at VIOD. We always deliver a perfect product, thanks to:

  • Our years of experience
  • Our extensive and innovative machine park
  • Our commitment to quality

More info

Do you want customized heavy springs? Then you can contact VIOD using it contactform or e-mail: info@viodveren.nl. We make an inventory of your requirements and translate this into the ideal product. Your heavy springs are delivered quickly and cost-effectively.


More info

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